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Mission Statement

EZ-Way Metal Polishing has built its reputation on trust, reliability and above all quality of work. We restore and protect your boats from wear and tear. Our professional team is recognized for quality work and great costumer service. We specialize in aluminum boats, stainless steel and quality work. Our goal is to not only help you design and or re-finish your project, but to also showcase it like it’s brand new.

As a client you understand how important it is to protect your product. EZ-Way Metal Polishing uses the top products and equipment. Our services include major salt water repair such as Barnacle Removal, Salt Pitting, Electrolysis and after this work is completed we then protect your product with Shark Hide Protection to insure this does not happen again. We have been providing boat customers with quality services for over 15 years and are a leader in the industry.

EZ-Way Metal Polishing helps protect your investment. We have partnered with many of the major marinas and buildings and are their top choice for all their aluminum and stainless steel metal repairs.

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